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Since it was founded in 1997, Northwest Ohio Community Shares has distributed over $1 million for our member agencies and increased community exposure and funding for local nonprofit organizations through cooperative federation participation. Below are just some examples of what your money can do!

$1 per week ($52/year) provides:

  • Two weeks of Summer Enrichment Camp for 2 children.
  • Neuter surgery for a small dog awaiting adoption at shelter.
  • 156 pounds of garbage removed from an area river or stream by a Clean Your Streams team.
  • 20 pairs of socks for a man, woman or child.

$2 per week ($104/year) provides:

  • Work clothes and shoes for a previously unemployed homeless person reentering the workforce.
  • Food for a baby Eastern Screech Owl to release.
  • 52 hot meals for a hungry adult or child.
  • Four months’ phone service for shelter residents to make vital phone calls.

$5 per week ($260/year) provides:

  • 24-hour staffing for sheltering one victim of human trafficking.
  • One teen’s daily expenses for the week-long Great Ohio Bike Adventure with his or her mentor.
  • Ten free holistic treatments for a cancer patient in active treatment.
  • Funds for seven calls to investigate animal cruelty claims.

$10 per week ($520/year) provides:

  • Training for 50 healthcare professionals about LGBT elder discrimination.
  • Florida theme-park tickets for a Wish family of four.
  • A used stove and refrigerator for a family moving into their own housing.
  • Life-saving heartworm treatment for three heartworm-positive dogs.
  • 17 hours of preschools arts programs that complement school lesson plans.
  • An attorney to help prevent a family of four from being wrongfully evicted.