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Who we are

Founded in 1997, Community Shares is northwest Ohio’s only workplace-giving federation with a focus on social justice, health and human services, animal rights, the arts and the environment. We generate essential operating funds for local nonprofits that are working for positive change. We are an A+ rated charity (Better Business Bureau).

The nonprofits that are involved with Community Shares make our community a more healthy, equitable and harmonious place. The well-established member organizations address issues in four categories: animal rights and the environment, education and the arts, health and human services, and social justice and equality.

Community Shares lists all of its member agencies on all of its campaign pledge forms. This ensures that all of our nonprofit member agencies have equal representation in workplace giving campaigns. Donors are able to select the particular agency or issue that would like to donate to. All money donated through Community Shares is unrestricted. Each agency that receives money through Community Shares can determine how best to use the donation in the community.

Funding solutions for community problems

Our 26 member organizations use this additional support to work on issues affecting all of us in northwest Ohio:

  • Preventing homelessness and hunger
  • Serving the disabled and critically ill
  • Mentoring at-risk teens
  • Maintaining vital arts programs for kids and grown- ups
  • Stabilizing neighborhoods
  • Protecting workers’ and voters’ rights
  • Advocating for justice and equal opportunity for all members of our community
  • Protecting companion animals
  • Rescuing wild animals
  • Reducing production of environmental waste
  • Restoring the natural environment

Working with the support of employers in northwest Ohio

Currently over 30 area employers include Community Shares in their annual workplace charitable campaigns. These companies have recognized that expanding employee choice is an easy and effective way to express to their employees — and the community — that they are committed to corporate responsibility and social and civic involvement.

An efficient, effective and established employee-giving program

As a member-based organization, we keep administrative costs to a minimum, making every contribution more responsive to community needs. We are governed by a Board of Directors that includes representatives from member organizations as well as Community Directors who collectively keep us focused on our mission.

How we’re different

  • Local – All agencies have a local presence, and all your dollars stay in northwest Ohio.
  • Direct – We provide 100% donor choice, with your dollars going directly to the agencies you designate. Agencies then decide where the money can be most effectively used.
  • Democratic – We are democratically governed by our own member agencies.
  • Diverse – The staff and volunteers of our member agencies are working every day in northwest Ohio on a wide array of issues that touch all of us.

How to get involved

You can get involved with Community Shares in several ways. You can start a workplace giving campaign at your company, refer a nonprofit organization for membership or volunteer your time. Please contact the office at (419) 243-6637 for more information.